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Leaf Cabinet

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The Leaf Cabinet from Libo is a perfect addition to any Montessori classroom. It allows for hands-on exploration of botany and introduces children to the wonderful world of plants. This product includes twenty four laminate leaves in four different sizes, as well as one matching silhouette and a wooden leaf drawer unit. The cabinet also comes with detachable labels which can be attached to each leaf so that students can identify them with ease. Its sturdy construction ensures that it will last through years of examination and discovery, making it an invaluable educational resource for any classrooms studying the subject of botany.



The Libo Leaf Cabinet is the perfect choice for Botany Montessori Materials. This beautifully designed cabinet allows children to explore the wonders of nature by displaying and organizing leaves in an easy-to-access arrangement. Constructed from child-safe materials and featuring a high quality finish, this cabinet is sure to be a hit in any classroom or home setting. The reinforced glass showcases the leaves while providing an eye-catching focal point in any room. The bright colors are sure to catch attention, while providing a fun and interactive way to explore different foliage specimens.

The Libo Leaf Cabinet is also designed to help educators with their Montessori teaching aids. An organized selection of leaves assists children with identifying features for comparison and classifying specimens by family or type. This product helps build crucial skills such as visual detection and sorting which are essential for further studies in botany or other sciences. With its fine finish, superior quality construction, and innate ability to captivate young minds – this leaf cabinet is certain to be a timeless addition to any classroom!


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