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Leaf Cards

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Leaf Cards by Libo is a set of montessori materials that is perfect for botany education. It includes 30 cards that feature intricate artwork of different leaves, with their corresponding names printed underneath each card. Kids can learn about the different types and shapes of leaves, as well as discover their Latin names. With this leaf cards set, kids will have an engaging and interactive way to learn about the world of botany!



Leaf Cards by Libo are the perfect choice for botany-themed Montessori materials. An ideal choice for children aged 3 and up, these cards are made of child-safe materials so they can be handled without worry. The high quality construction ensures durability and an attractive fine finish that simulates real leaves perfectly.

Leaf Cards come in a convenient set of 30 two-sided cards that feature images of various leaves in accurate detail. These cards make great teaching aids for any home or school learning environment, providing a fun way to teach young children about the science behind plants, with no mess and no fuss. The vibrant colors further improve their educational value and visual attraction, making them invaluable tools for Montessori lessons at all levels.


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