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Leaf Puzzle – Large

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The Leaf Puzzle – Large by Libo is an educational Montessori material designed to help children learn about botany. Its pieces are shaped like leaves and come in a variety of shapes, allowing children to explore different leaf types from various plants. Each piece can be used together or separately and can be combined with other pieces to create pictures or puzzles. The puzzle is made from non-toxic materials and is safe for use with children aged 4 and above. It encourages imaginative play, problem-solving skills, concentration, hand-eye coordination, visual discrimination and fine motor development. With this product, your child will have hours of fun learning about the flora in their environment!



The Leaf Puzzle – Large from Libo is an exceptional product in the Botany Montessori Materials category. It is a child-safe and high-quality educational tool designed to help children develop cognitive and fine motor skills. The jigsaw pieces are crafted out of strong and durable molded plastic, each featuring all the rich detailing one would expect from a Libo product. The vibrant colors are sure to captivate any child, with clear markings for easy identification of different leaf shapes and types. Moreover, this learning aid comes with non-toxic paint and a smooth finish that’s gentle against delicate skin.

As part of our Montessori Teaching Aids range, the Leaf Puzzle – Large helps build concentration, spatial awareness, problem solving skills as well as creative thinking abilities in your little one. This product is ideal for use by both preschoolers and kindergartners alike; it helps them learn about different leaf shapes while having fun at the same time! Furthermore, it encourages cooperation among peers when working together towards completing the puzzle.


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