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Animal Puzzle – Tortoise

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The Libo Animal Puzzle – Tortoise is the perfect Montessori material for learning about botany. This colorful, 3-piece puzzle depicts a tortoise which can help children learn about their environment in a fun and interactive way. The pieces fit together perfectly, making it easy to use with kids of all ages and to monitor their progress as they become more familiar with nature. It can also help children build motor skills, problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination. Additionally, it helps foster an appreciation for our planet and its inhabitants.



Libo’s Animal Puzzle – Tortoise is the perfect botany Montessori material for young minds that are just starting to explore classic education concepts. Every piece of this puzzle is made from high-quality, child-safe materials with a fine finish for an enjoyable experience for toddlers. This Montessori teaching aid helps children understand the concept of shapes, symbols and sizes in a fun way. It also encourages them to recognize patterns and be creative with color matching activities. The perfect choice for parents looking for something that helps their little ones develop core skills, this animal puzzle offers hours of educational entertainment to its users. Plus, it’s extremely portable so you can take your imaginative games anywhere you go!


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