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Cabinet for Leaf Cards

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Libo Cabinets for Leaf Cards provide an ideal storage solution for botany lessons. The sturdy and durable cabinet is made of wood and its doors are fitted with clear acrylic windows to easily display cards. The spacious interior provides ample room to store a large collection of leaf cards, allowing students to conveniently access them during activities. Additionally, the cabinet boasts smooth edges and rounded corners, making it safe for children’s use. Libo Cabinets for Leaf Cards offer a dependable way to organize lesson materials while delivering an attractive aesthetic in any classroom or home learning space.



The Libo Cabinet for Leaf Cards is perfect for homeschoolers and parents of Montessori learners. This cabinet is perfect to display and organize Botany materials in any classroom or home learning environment. Constructed with child-safe materials, the cabinet has a fine finish that will both stand the test of time and look great in any room. The cabinet features nine spacious drawers with removable trays to store the leaf cards so they can be easily accessed when needed.

The top shelf and shelves on both sides provide an ideal space to display other botany teaching aids such as books, flashcards, educational posters, microscope slides and more. Each side of the cupboard includes a door with a clear window panel so children can easily see what’s inside while adding an attractive aesthetic element that allows natural light from window or lighting fixtures in the room to diffuse through giving it a pleasing glow effect. This high quality product provides maximum practicality without compromising on aesthetics – making it a perfect addition for any learning environment!


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