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Tree Puzzle – Large

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The Tree Puzzle – Large by Libo is a great way to teach your children the basics of Botany. This high-quality puzzle comes with 58 pieces, allowing your little one to assemble the tree and enjoy a fun game of matching. It includes real tree bark and leaves, as well as a map with all the pieces, making it easy to use for any child. With vibrant colors and strong materials this puzzle is sure to be an educational hit for your family!



The Tree Puzzle – Large from Libo is a perfect Botany Montessori Materials for the classroom! This high-quality puzzle is made of child safe materials and its fine finish makes it a great teaching aid for students of all ages. The jigsaw puzzle features colorful, detailed pieces designed to show off the scientific beauty of trees. The natural growth patterns in each tree’s branches and leaves are easily recognized as you work through the puzzle, helping to teach students about botany and biology in an entertaining way. All pieces have edges that are carefully sanded smooth to make them safe for handling by small hands – perfect for Montessori classrooms! With this Tree Puzzle – Large, your students will get a creative, hands-on learning experience with a beautiful product that can be enjoyed again and again.


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