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Leaf Puzzle – Small

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Leaf Puzzle – Small by Libo is a great learning tool for exploring botany in a fun way. This Montessori material helps children recognize the different parts of leaves, with five distinct pieces that fit together like a puzzle. Each piece is painted and labeled so it’s easy to identify the shapes and colours, teaching kids about tree and leaf anatomy. With its vibrant visuals and tactile design, this Leaf Puzzle is sure to be an educational hit with little learners!



The Libo Leaf Puzzle-Small is an exceptional botany Montessori Materials designed to support children’s activity and learning in a safe environment. Made from high-quality materials, this beautifully finished puzzle has been designed with child safety in mind and can be used as a powerful teaching aid in the Montessori classroom.

The Libo Leaf Puzzle Small is perfect for helping younger children learn about plants, leaves and their different shapes. With its brightly colored pieces, each leaf marking intricately depicted, it provides a fascinatingly fun way to gain knowledge about plant life and nature. Ideal for igniting young minds with the joy of learning biology topics such as photosynthesis or plant lifecycles. It also encourages more complex reasoning skills such as pattern recognition and logic.


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