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Flower Puzzle – Small

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The Flower Puzzle – Small from Libo is an educational toy that introduces children to the fascinating world of botany. Combining both hands-on and visual learning elements, this Montessori-approved toy encourages kids to explore the beauty and complexity of nature. The colorful flower shapes are designed to be easy to maneuver, allowing children between the ages of 3 and 6 to practice their problem-solving skills in a playful environment. By fitting each puzzle piece into its rightful place, toddlers can learn all about flowers while having loads of fun!



The Libo Flower Puzzle – Small is a great addition to any Montessori classroom. This high quality flower puzzle is composed of 9 colorful pieces, each made from child-safe materials and completed with a fine finish. It helps teach children botany concepts through hands-on exploration in an engaging way. The size and shape of the pieces are designed to make it easy for little hands to manipulate, while also challenging enough to capture their attention. Not only that, but the bright colors make this puzzle visually appealing as well!

The Libo Flower Puzzle – Small is an ideal teaching aid for young learners aged 5 and up. From basic concepts like color recognition and counting, to more complex topics like flower anatomy and botany, this product provides an effective tool for kids to gain knowledge in these areas. Plus, because it’s made out of high quality materials that are durable enough for long-term use, you’ll be able to get plenty of value out of this item over time!


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