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Tree Puzzle – Small

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Introducing the Tree Puzzle – Small from Libo, a toy for budding botanists! This Montessori-inspired material is perfect for introducing kids to the world of botany in a fun and interactive way. Each piece of the puzzle contains a different type of tree that can be identified by its shape, texture, and color. As they assemble the puzzle, your child will learn to identify the trees while using their problem-solving skills. Perfect for ages 3 and up, this tree puzzle is sure to spark your child’s interest in botany.



The Libo Tree Puzzle – Small is a perfect botany Montessori material for teaching young minds. It is made of completely child safe materials, which complies with the standard safety requirements. The high-quality wood and fine finish makes this puzzle an ideal choice for Montessori teaching aids as it will last longer and provide great learning experience to children.

The unique shape of each part of the tree allows children to learn more about plants and their structure while they assemble the puzzle pieces together. With vibrant colors and smooth edges, this Tree Puzzle – Small helps in developing the motor skills of preschoolers in an entertaining way. It also encourages visual perception, pattern recognition and problem-solving skills which helps them gain a better understanding of basic botany concepts.


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