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Animal Puzzle – Horse

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The Libo Animal Puzzle – Horse is an amazing Montessori-style educational toy that teaches your little one about the world of botany. It features a wooden board puzzle with three brightly-colored, detailed animals including a horse, allowing children to learn more about the animal kingdom. The sturdy wood pieces are perfect for adding realism and texture. This puzzle is designed for children aged 3 and up and is sure to keep them entertained and engaged with the fascinating world of animals.



The Animal Puzzle – Horse from Libo is an ideal educational toy for toddlers. This Montessori Materials product is exquisitely designed to help children enhance their knowledge about animals and their body parts. It encourages them to explore and use the senses to identify, explore, categorize and organize information. Crafted with child safe meterials, this figure provides excellent tactile learning experiences for pre-schoolers.

This Animal Puzzle stands out due its high quality construction, detailed craftsmanship and fine finish. It’s perfect for the discerning parent looking for unique Montessori Teaching Aids that not only educate their child but also stand the test of time with its sturdy construction. The puzzle pieces ensures that it is easy to put together as well as take apart again making it a great way of exploring different forms of creativity in children from a young age.


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