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Root Puzzle-Small

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The Libo Root Puzzle-Small is a fun, educational botany montessori material for children. It provides an engaging way for kids to learn about the anatomy of a root system. The puzzle includes 30 pieces, each made of sturdy wood and printed with detailed illustrations of different roots, from carrots to beets. As kids piece together the puzzle, they also learn about the relationship between roots and plants, how they help with water and nutrient absorption, and why they are important to ecosystems. This colorful montessori material is sure to capture children’s interest while teaching them important life science concepts.



Root Puzzle-Small by Libo is the perfect botany Montessori material for children. This set is crafted with high quality, child safe materials and features a fine finish for added safety and fun. It helps children to learn about plant parts and their structure in a tactile way that encourages hands-on learning and exploration. The root puzzles come with detachable roots, stems, leaves, buds and petals to introduce children to the concept of botany in an entertaining way. The vibrant colors make this set an attractive addition to any classroom or playroom. This set also works great for Montessori teaching aids such as activities about parts of the plant or sequencing activities. With its top quality craftsmanship, bright colours and interactive design, Root Puzzle-Small by Libo will add a unique learning experience to any classroom environment.


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