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Blank Green Boards

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Libo Blank Green Boards are the perfect Montessori language material for preschool and elementary classrooms. These sturdy green boards feature a blank slate design and can be used for a variety of activities, from tracing letters and words to creating pictures. Constructed with heavy-duty corrugated cardboard, these boards are durable enough to serve your classroom for years. They also fold flat for easy storage when not in use. With Libo Blank Green Boards, your students can learn their language skills in a creative and engaging way.



Libo Blank Green Boards are language teaching aids and Montessori materials designed to engage children with language learning in a fun and interactive way. They are made of child-safe materials to ensure quality and safety for young learners. The boards feature a fine finish and have smooth rounded edges for added stability, making them an ideal choice for teachers looking to help students learn languages like English, Spanish, French or Italian in a fun classroom setting.

The boards come with blank sides on either side so that they can be used as drawing surfaces or as immersive activities where students can create art in the target language. The boards also have colorful graphics printed on them to help children learn certain concepts related to the language they are studying. Libo’s Blank Green Boards are high-quality, long lasting products that will make sure that any classroom is well-equipped with top quality Montessori teaching aids.


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