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Broad Stair

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The Libo Broad Stair is a perfect learning material for children, allowing them to experience sensorial exploration and development in an exciting way. The stair is composed of 11 broad steps which are colorfully arranged. Children can use the stair to explore different levels, understand heights and develop coordination while enjoying playing with it. With this material, students can learn life-long lessons such as problem solving skills, concentration and patience through hands-on activities. It is an ideal enhancement for any Montessori classroom or home environment, providing lasting educational value to any student who interacts with it.



The Libo Broad Stairs is a set of sensorial Montessori materials crafted from high quality, child safe materials. Ideally designed to stimulate and aid in the development of a child’s senses while also helping them learn. This set includes seven precision-cut stairs designed with fine finishes that ensure smoothness and safety, making it perfect for use by children. Ideal for Montessori education teaching aids, this set aids in teaching children concepts such as size, shapes, colors and spatial relationships which they can easily learn through visual establishment on the stairs. The Libo Broad Stairs provide an excellent environment for exploration and learning that is truly safe and worry-free.


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