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Checker Board

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The Libo Checker Board is a Montessori-inspired, mathematical tool designed to help children learn the basics of math and problem solving. The board is made from high-quality materials with a colorful design that encourages interactive play. The board contains 12 checkers and eight corners, allowing for the development of a range of counting and strategic skills. This versatile product can be used for everything from simple math exercises to more complex problem solving tasks. Through a range of colorful pieces, it helps children understand basic concepts such as addition, subtraction and multiplication in an approachable way. With this visual aid, teachers can easily engage young learners in fun activities that promote mathematical skills in an exciting way!



The Libo Checkerboard is an essential mathematical Montessori material designed to give children the opportunity to explore and understand correlations between numbers and colors. This Montessori teaching aid is made from child-safe materials, crafted with a high level of precision that guarantees an impeccable finish. With its vibrant colors, children can learn math concepts in a creative and fun way with this checker board.

The Libo Checkerboard is designed to provide children with a safe and engaging learning environment. The pieces are well-crafted for years of use– each piece is carefully sealed for durability even when used in a busy classroom setting. Moreover, the board features smooth edges along with well-defined lines that ensure accuracy and precision when playing the game. In addition, this checkerboard meets safety standards so parents can buy it confidently knowing their child’s welfare is taken into consideration during production.


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