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Clock with detachable numbers

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The Libo Clock with Detachable Numbers is the perfect learning tool for young children age 6 months and up. This clock features colorful, detachable pieces that can be arranged to teach children number recognition and time-telling skills. The wooden pieces are lightweight and easy to handle, while additional features such as a ticking sound will help keep your child engaged during playtime. This Montessori-approved product is designed to encourage self-directed exploration and discovery for infants and toddlers at home or in the classroom.



This Libo Clock with detachable numbers is perfect for teaching toddlers and infants under the Montessori education system. It is crafted from high quality, child-safe materials that provide a fine finish. This clock helps in developing cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination and counting abilities of babies in a fun and educational manner.

The clock comes with removable numbers to make learning the concept of time easy for little ones. They can learn to attach numbers in chronological order onto the clock frame as well as differentiate between minutes and hours by their various sizes. This innovative Montessori Teaching Aid also makes an attractive part of any nursery room or playroom decor.


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