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Coloured Cylinders With Tray

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Libo’s Coloured Cylinders With Tray provide an interactive and educational experience to help infants and toddlers learn through Montessori materials. This set includes nine colored wooden cylinders of varying sizes and shapes that fit neatly into a matching tray. Kids can explore pattern recognition, size comparison, object sorting, color identification, counting, and fine motor skills as they place the blocks in the correct holes in the tray. The bright colors will capture their attention while giving them a hands-on learning experience that encourages open-ended exploration. With this engaging set from Libo, your little one will learn valuable early concepts in an enjoyable atmosphere.



Libo Coloured Cylinders With Tray is a premium infant and toddler Montessori material designed for use in educational settings. It features a high-quality set of 5 stackable cylinders that can be used to help young children with sorting, visual perception and coordination. The cylinders come in 5 vibrant colours and are made from child-safe materials to maximize their safety. Thanks to its superior craftsmanship, the cylinders have a smooth finish that makes them pleasant for little ones to touch and manipulate.

This set also includes a wooden tray with 6 sections, making it easier for toddlers to organize the cylinders according to size or colour. Ideal for both homeschooling and classroom settings, this set of Montessori Teaching Aids encourages fine motor skills development while also providing kids with plenty of sensory exploration opportunities! Whether you’re looking for something fun to do with your toddler or you’re an educator looking for material that will help develop early skills, Libo Coloured Cylinders With Tray is the perfect choice!


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