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Decanominal Bead Bar Box

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Libo’s Decanominal Bead Bar Box is a Montessori Mathematics tool that helps in teaching children the concept of decimals. This box contains 10 bars (each with 10 beads) and 20 individual beads, each color-coded to represent numbers from 0 to 9. The bars and beads can be used to demonstrate addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of decimals up to 2 places while giving children a hands-on learning experience. With its help, kids can visualize mathematics concept easily and have fun while learning fractions. The box is well designed with smooth edges for their safety and long lasting durability.



The Libo Decanominal Bead Bar Box is a key item in the mathematical Montessori materials, designed to help children explore and understand numbers. The set is made of high-quality materials that are safe for children. The beads come in a smooth finish so they can be used over and over again without any chipping or cracking while they learn the principles of number relationships. This set is ideal for teaching young learners basics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with colorful bar beads. It’s perfect for parents and teachers who use the Montessori method of teaching numbers to kids from 3 years onwards.

In addition to being child-safe and durable, this bead box provides countless opportunities for learning about quantity, counting, place value of numbers with quality tools that looks attractive on any classroom shelf. Each bead bar has its own unique combination of colors which helps differentiate between numerals easily; allowing children to reinforce their learning by creating infinite amount of possibilities when playing with them at home or in the classroom. Thanks to its classic design it serves as an essential teaching aid while also providing a fun tactile experience through handling these fine wooden pieces.


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