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Diminishing Squares

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The Libo Diminishing Squares Montessori materials are designed to stimulate children’s minds with its fun and interactive activities. This set of materials is suitable for infants and toddlers aged 12 months and above, and features a range of wooden squares in gradually decreasing sizes. The Montessori method encourages exploration, curiosity, independence, problem-solving skills, patience and creativity. As the child manipulates the squares on their own or with assistance from a caregiver or teacher, they will develop the essential skills needed for success in the future.



The Libo Diminishing Squares is an excellent choice for any Montessori classroom. Made of child-safe materials, it features high quality craftsmanship with a fine finish. The purpose of the Diminishing Squares is to help young students understand the concept of gradation in size and dimension. It contains three sets of wooden cubes in diminishing sizes, beginning with one large cube and progressing to two smaller cubes, three even smaller cubes and four smallest cubes. The set also includes a matching board which facilitates easy reading and counting activities.

Parents looking for Montessori teaching aids will appreciate the attention paid by Libo to details such as rounded edges and sanded surfaces that ensure both safety and quality. With simple visuals that are easy for children to identify and manipulate, this product is sure to become a favourite in every Montessori classroom or home setting!


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