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Discs on Horizontal Dowel Variation -Serpentine

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The Libo Discs on Horizontal Dowel Variation – Serpentine is an infant and toddler learning tool that helps develop a child’s fine motor skills and coordination. The product consists of 10 colorful disc segments that fit on a wooden dowel, which can be twisted by the child in a serpentine pattern. The discs feature different geometric shapes, textures and numbers, allowing the child to practice counting, sorting and identifying different objects. This Montessori-approved product is designed to help children of varying ages to learn essential problem-solving skills while exercising their hand-eye coordination.



The Libo brand Discs on Horizontal Dowel Variation -Serpentine are a great addition to any Montessori classroom. This perfect teaching aid is designed with high quality materials and fine finish, making it a safe and attractive option for infant and toddler age groups. The discs are colored to match natural elements like rocks, leaves, sticks, flowers and bark for a more engaging experience that helps children practice color matching and coordination skills. The small size of the discs also add an extra challenge as children aim to move them along the horizontal dowel in various patterns as required on the created serpentine shape.

This product is ideal for any Montessori classroom setting due to its child-safe meterials made from wood only without harsh chemicals or toxins which can be harmful to very young learners. Furthermore, the lightweight components make it a safe choice when used by children under supervision in combination with other Montessori materials such as tweezers or tongs to further refine motor skills while having fun moving their discs into place.


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