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Dowel Tapping Exercise

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The Libo Dowel Tapping Exercise is a Montessori material that helps to develop fine motor skills in infants and toddlers. Its unique design includes two different sized wood dowels with a series of notches on each of the pieces. The child is encouraged to tap each piece into the space created between them, reinforcing concepts such as size, shape and directionality while training their hand-eye coordination. This activity promotes cognitive development, introduces children to basic problem solving techniques and encourages creative thinking.



The Libo Dowel Tapping Exercise is an excellent educational tool for young children. Made of child-safe materials, this Montessori Teaching Aid encourages toddlers to develop their fine motor skills and coordination in a playful manner. The product consists of 3 smooth-finish wooden dowels, designed with rounded edges to ensure that it is safe and comfortable to use. The pins come in different sizes and colors – encouraging children to practice sorting and identifying shapes and colors. This activity also helps them develop concentration, tactile perception, coordination, control and precision – all important aspects of their early learning experience.

The Libo Dowel Tapping Exercise is manufactured with top-quality materials so that it can withstand plenty of use over the years. It makes a great addition to any Montessori classroom as it helps children with color recognition and strengthens the foundational development skills needed for kindergarten readiness. The exercise also helps stimulate cognitive growth by challenging kids to manipulate multiple pieces simultaneously, making this set ideal for under 3 year olds or any toddler who would benefit from such activities. With its high quality finish and child friendly features any parent or caregiver can feel confident in introducing this product into the playroom or classroom setting for some good old fashioned fun!


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