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Dressing Frame Stand for 6 Frames

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The Libo Dressing Frame Stand for 6 Frames is a great addition to any Montessori classroom or home. This practical life product allows children and adults alike to learn how to dress themselves. The frame stand is made from high-quality and durable wood, which makes it stable and easy to use. It comes with 6 frames in various sizes and colors, allowing for more varied learning possibilities. The stand also has adjustable heights so that each frame can be used for different ages and sizes of clothing pieces. The Libo Dressing Frame Stand is a perfect way to provide a practical life experience that will last for years!



The Libo Dressing Frame Stand for 6 Frames is a practical life Montessori Materials designed to provide an entertaining and educational experience while helping to enhance a child’s fine motor skills. Crafted with child-safe materials, this frame stand from Libo is the perfect choice for parents wanting quality Montessori teaching aids. It features a sturdy construction that provides great stability with its quality finish that can be easily wiped clean for long-term use. The 6 dressing frames are made of hardwood and feature ergonomically rounded corners as well as smooth, safe edges to ensure maximum safety. Additionally, it is designed to help children practice their hand-eye coordination by using the pegs included to secure clothing items on the frame. The Libo Dressing Frame Stand for 6 Frames is a creative and fun way for children to learn essential life skills like organization and dressing skills while having fun at the same time!


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