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First Box of Colour Tablets

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Introducing Libo’s First Box of Colour Tablets; a high-quality, Montessori inspired Sensorial material designed to help young children develop their colour recognition skills and hand-eye coordination. Each set contains 10 vibrant tablet blocks that are perfect for teaching sorting and patterning, while stimulating visual and tactile exploration. Perfect for ages 3 years+.



The First Box of Colour Tablets from Libo is the perfect Montessori teaching aid for children of all ages. The box contains 12 vibrant colour tablets made from high quality and child-safe materials that are durable and long-lasting. With a fine finish, these colour tablets are the ideal resource for introducing children to the world of colour. Each tablet has been designed to fit perfectly in your child’s hands and allows for effective tactile exploration. As a result, this product can help to encourage cognitive development and visualisation skills in young learners.

The First Box of Colour Tablets from Libo provides an exciting sensorial activity that promotes learning while providing hours of fun. The colourful tablets allow your child to engage with the environment around them while exploring images that capture their imagination. Not only does this product help to improve their problem solving abilities and understanding of shape, but it also builds upon their self-confidence as they learn more about their environment with each tablet they explore!


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