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Geometric Cabinet

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The Libo Geometric Cabinet is an essential Montessori sensorial material. It comes with five drawers that are labeled based on shape and size. The shapes featured in the cabinet are: square, rectangle, circle, triangle, and oval. Each drawer contains a variety of tactile materials relating to its respective shape such as wooden blocks, metal nuggets and different shaped beads. This versatile material is perfect for developing spatial awareness, pattern recognition and hand-eye coordination skills in children aged 3-6 years old. It also allows for creative play as children can create their own designs or recreate the design on the drawer labels using various materials provided in each drawer.



The Libo Geometric Cabinet is the perfect addition to any Montessori classroom. This high quality sensorial material ensures children get the most out of their learning experience. Crafted with safe materials, and featuring a fine finish, the cabinet will add an eye-catching decor piece while facilitating your students’ learning journey.

The Geometric Cabinet contains thirteen small wooden drawers featuring different shapes and sizes that open up to reveal corresponding geometric figures. It is designed for children 3 years old and older, allowing for endless exploration in sensory development and spatial understanding as they discover more about each figure’s shape, size, color and design. This is an excellent Montessori teaching aid that helps foster a strong foundation in children’s educational growth!


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