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Geometric Cards Cabinet

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The Libo Geometric Cards Cabinet is a perfect Montessori materials for enhancing the sensorial development of children. It is designed to provide a fun and educational learning experience for your little one, featuring cards with simple geometric shapes, both in two dimensions and three dimensions. The cabinet itself is made of high quality wood that lasts long, while the cards are printed on laminated papers that can resist damage from moisture or spills. With this product, your child will be able to explore patterns, explore mathematics related to geometry, and recognize abstract shapes. Your child will benefit from improved logical thinking skills as well as enhanced problem-solving ability through these activities!



The Libo Geometric Cards Cabinet is a must have for any Montessori classroom or homeschool. This beautifully made cabinet provides an organized and visually pleasing way of teaching children about shapes, colors, and spatial relationships. Made with high quality child-safe materials, it has a fine finish that’s perfect for the young learner.

The bottom shelf of this cabinet contains various geometric cards in assorted sizes and colors that can be used to teach spatial relationships and shape recognition. With its high quality construction and design, this cabinet helps in developing sensory skills as well as hand-eye coordination for kids of all ages. It is an essential tool for Montessori teaching aids!


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