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Geometric Cards

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Libo’s Geometric Cards are an ideal Montessori sensorial material designed to help children understand basic geometric shapes. With this set, kids can learn the concepts of circles, triangles, squares and rectangles in a playful and enjoyable way. Featuring colourful shapes printed on durable card stock and an included activity booklet with helpful tips for parents and teachers alike, Libo’s Geometric Cards can help your child learn important early math skills in an engaging way.



Libo’s Geometric Cards are sensorial Montessori materials designed to help young learners develop their visual and tactile studies. The cards come in various geometric shapes and colors and feature materials of the highest quality that assure a fine finish. Each card is made with child safe materials, ensuring that they are safe for young learners to explore without posing any risks. They are ideal teaching aids as they help children recognize and match shapes, colors, as well as practice fine motor skills.

The real life objects that the geometric cards represent helps children better comprehend geometry concepts such as line thickness, flatness, angle points, space orientation, symmetry and other elements related to geometry. Additionally, these cards can be used for creative activities such as building towers or forming patterns in the play area – perfect for developing problem-solving skills at an early stage! With Libo’s Geometric Cards your little learner will have endless fun exploring and playing with this interactive Montessori tool.


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