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Geometric Solids

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Libo Geometric Solids are designed to help teach children about 3-D geometry in a fun and engaging way. This set of educational Montessori materials consists of 10 different solids, each with its own unique shape, size, and colors. The bright colors and tactile feel encourages children to explore each shape as they learn about its properties. Developed for ages 3-7, these solid shapes enable the development of problem solving skills and cognitive abilities as the child learns to compare and distinguish between shapes like cubes, pyramids, cylinders and more. With Libo Geometric Solids your child can be equipped with the tools they need to become a master of geometry!



Libo’s Geometric Solids is a must-have sensorial montessori material for teachers and parents trying to educate their children. Made of child-safe materials and finished with high-quality craftsmanship, Libo’s Geometric Solids offers a hands-on approach to the Montessori way of teaching, helping children recognize shapes, colors, and spatial relationships. This set provides 47 pieces including cubes, prisms, spheres and other shapes in seven colors. These brightly colored geometric figures can be used to teach math concepts such as area and volume. The materials also come with language cards which can help teach words related to shapes and sizes. With its fine finish and solid builds, Libo’s Geometric Solids are perfect for tactile learning experiences that will help develop skills in problem solving and creative thinking.


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