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Green Boards with Double Lines and Squares

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Libo Green Boards with Double Lines and Squares are Montessori-inspired language materials designed to help children learn the basics of writing. The boards feature green lines that depict language structures, such as letters, words, and sentences. The boards also feature squares in different sizes to help children identify shapes and understand spatial relationships. This language material is ideal for developing fine motor skills, hand–eye coordination, problem-solving, math concepts, and more.



Our Libo Green Boards with Double Lines and Squares are an excellent Montessori teaching aid for children of all ages. Constructed from child-safe materials, the boards feature a high quality fine finish with beautifully detailed lines and squares. With this set of teaching materials, your little one can explore creative activities such as counting, grouping and sorting in a fun and safe way. Designed for durability and years of use, the Libo Green Boards are made from high-grade wood items that will last through many exploratory learning sessions. The unique graphics create visual stimulation that is sure to keep kids engaged while they learn new concepts in a hands-on manner.


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