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Green Boards with Lines and Squares

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The Libo Green Boards with Lines and Squares are perfect for teaching young children language and math. The boards feature three colours, green, white and blue which clearly contrast to highlight lines, squares, graphs and numbers. Perfect for introducing learners of all ages to concepts of language development such as grammar, spelling or sentence formation. The lightweight design makes it easy to transport the boards from home to classroom or learning centre making it a great choice for Montessori education anywhere!



The Libo Green Boards with Lines and Squares is the perfect tool for introducing geometry to young learners. This high quality teaching aid by Libo not only looks visually appealing but it also helps children learn shape recognition, fine motor skills and basic mathematics principles. The Montessori Materials are made of child-safe, durable materials with a fine finish and has plenty of features that will keep children engaged. With its bright colors, squares and lines, this board allows for easy identification of shapes as well as encourages creative play.

This Green Board from Libo is not just limited to the classroom either; parents can use this board at home to supplement their child’s learning experience. Children love exploring new things and this board provides plenty of opportunities for them to do so. It is a great addition to any collection of Montessori Teaching Aids that focus on arithmetic, geometry or problem solving in general. Its simple yet effective design allows it to blend in perfectly into any environment, making it an invaluable tool when it comes to teaching math or problem-solving skills in a fun way!


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