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Imbucare Board With Disc

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The Libo Imbucare Board With Disc helps infants and toddlers with their fine motor skills development. This Montessori-inspired toy provides a tactile experience to engage little ones in developing eye-hand coordination as they explore and manipulate the colorful discs. The discs are easy to grasp, encouraging toddlers to practice counting, sorting, matching and exploring patterns. This high-quality wooden toy is designed to be durable and smooth, making it safe for babies and toddlers alike. An ideal gift for any child development enthusiast!



The Imbucare Board With Disc from Libo is a high quality Montessori material designed specifically for infants and toddlers. This Montessori teaching aid offers children an engaging and age-appropriate way to learn through interactive play. The vibrant colors, fine finish and durable design encourages tactile exploration while teaching children coordination, concentration and creative problem solving skills. Constructed with child safe materials, the Imbucare Board With Disc is sure to be a beloved part of your little one’s playtime routine.

Ideal for classroom or at-home use, this wooden Montessori material features a reversible board with 4 discs in various colors that can be played both vertically or horizontally. Your little one can move the discs up and down or side to side along tracks on the board to form shapes or other patterns as they strengthen their fine motor skills. They’ll also have fun counting from 1 to 4 as they play – making it a great way for early math skills too!


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