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Introduction to decimal symbol

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Libo’s Introduction to Decimal Symbol is a Montessori-inspired mathematical tool designed to introduce children to the concept of decimal symbols. This educational product features an engaging set of materials that include magnetic beads, wooden rods, and printed cards that demonstrate the principles behind decimal symbols. The material provides children with hands-on experiences that enable them to gain a fundamental understanding of fractions and decimals in a clear and meaningful way. With this unique set of materials, children can explore complex mathematics concepts in an intuitive way that encourages critical thinking skills and lays the foundation for future success in math.



Introducing the Introduction to Decimal Symbol, a Mathematical Montessori Materials by Libo. This educational set is designed for children aged between 4-7 and contains a host of child safe meterials with a high quality finish.

The materials in this set are designed to introduce children to decimal symbols providing them with the opportunity for self-directed learning, in addition it provides teachers with the perfect tools for teaching basic mathematical concepts related to decimal symbol systems. This set comes with all necessary accessories such as counters and cardboard cutouts which are made of premium wooden material and have fine finish making it look aesthetically pleasing while being able to withstand frequent use. In addition, this product is also backed by friendly customer service ensuring that you’re never stuck if any issues arise during usage or transit. All in all, the Introduction to Decimal Symbol from Libo provides you with essential Montessori teaching aids at an affordable price point making it an ideal choice for anyone looking for efficient yet cost effective educational products.


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