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Large Movable Alphabet

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The Large Movable Alphabet from Libo is a perfect Montessori language material designed to help young learners master the building blocks of the English alphabet. Featuring uppercase and lowercase letters in vibrant colors, this set comes with a tray for easy portability, allowing children to take their learning wherever they go! The manipulative pieces also help kids build skills in dexterity and fine motor control while sharpening memory, attention and recognition. With the Large Movable Alphabet from Libo, kids will be ready for any challenge as they set out on their literacy journey.



The Large Movable Alphabet from Libo is the perfect teaching aid for any primary classroom. It is a set of alphabet cards crafted from child-safe materials and finished with high quality to ensure that it will last for years. This Montessori Teaching Aid will help your students learn their phonetics, stimulate their minds and create a fun learning environment.

This set of alphabet cards are great for teaching both phonetics and sight reading in a fun way. The large pictures on the letter cards help to create an easy reference for the children to comprehend faster, whilst the movable pieces add an element of play into learning the language. The smooth curved edges are designed with total comfort in mind; they also provide a polished luxurious look that adds to its aesthetic appeal.


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