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Little wooden clothes hanger frame

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This Little Wooden Clothes Hanger Frame from Libo is perfect for introducing practical life skills to your child. It provides a realistic experience which helps young learners prepare for their future. It comes with four wooden pegs, allowing them to hang up clothing items within a safe and secure frame. This product is an essential in any Montessori environment, as it aids in developing the skills required for everyday personal care tasks such as dressing themselves and tidying away clothing items.



The Libo Little Wooden Clothes Hanger Frame is a must-have Practical Life Montessori Material that offers children the opportunity to learn how to hang their clothes in an aesthetically pleasing way. Constructed with child-safe meterials and crafted with exquisite attention to detail, this frame is sure to last for years of use. Its high quality wood composition ensures a fine finish that not only looks great in your home or classroom, but will also support heavy clothes for longer periods of time. The curved hangers are designed for those tiny hands so that even the youngest learners can practice this essential skill over and over again. With its sturdy construction and elegant design, the Libo Little Wooden Clothes Hanger Frame is an ideal addition to any Montessori Teaching Aids collection. Perfect for developing fine motor skills, psychological development as well as encourage care of environment and responsibility, this frame brings a timeless charm into classrooms or playrooms.


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