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Metal Inset Double Tracing Tray

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The Libo Metal Inset Double Tracing Tray is an essential language learning tool for the Montessori classroom. It is perfect for helping children learn how to accurately trace letters and words. The double tray design allows for two levels of tracing and different tracing materials, like sandpaper letters and tracing paper. It’s made from sturdy metal so it will last a long time in the classroom, and can help students develop fine motor skills.



This Metal Inset Double Tracing Tray by Libo is perfect for language learning and Montessori teaching materials. This multi-functional tracing tray offers toddlers the opportunity to learn letters, numbers and even do simple art projects. It is made with durable, high quality metal that has a fine finish to ensure smooth tracing and provides a safe surface for kids’ activities. The raised edges of the tray help keep all materials in place, while its ergonomic design allows children to trace from both sides with ease and comfort.

The included wipeable double-sided insert can hold up to 16 magnetic letter tiles or 40 sandpaper letters and serve as an ideal tool for introducing your toddler to language learning objects. This Metal Inset Double Tracing Tray is the perfect aid for guiding your child towards reading proficiency without stressing them out, making it an essential piece of Montessori teaching aids.


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