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Multiplication Bead Box

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Libo’s Multiplication Bead Box is an excellent Montessori material that can help children learn to multiply. This box is made of sustainable wood and contains two sets of numbered beads, one set in blue and one set in red. The blue beads are used as the multiplicands and the red beads are used as the multipliers. Children can use this tool to manipulate numbers and understand how multiplication works by manipulating each bead. They can also count each bead to practice addition, subtraction, and multiplication skills. The Multiplication Bead Box provides a hands-on learning experience for children that encourages problem solving skills, mathematics concepts, and early number sense development.



The Multiplication Bead Box by Libo is an essential Montessori teaching aid perfect for helping children learn to work with numbers. This high-quality box comes complete with 150 stacking rods, 40 wooden beads and 2 multi-colored sheets that help kids identify the columns and rows. All of the materials are crafted from child-safe materials, with a fine finish that’s comfortable for little hands. The box is designed to help kids learn how to solve multiplication problems aspired by the Montessori Method in a fun, non-threatening way.

This Multiplication Bead Box teaches kids the basics of multiplication without overwhelming them with complex number systems or memorizing loads of facts on the spot. Each component encourages problem solving skills while helping to reinforce their understanding of math concepts – making it a great tool for active learning. Plus, it even comes in a handy storage box when not being used so it can easily be tucked away when playtime is over!


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