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Mystery bag – Set of 2

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The Mystery Bag Set of 2 from Libo is a must-have for Montessori Sensorial materials. This set provides ample opportunities for the students to explore and identify different shapes, textures, and concepts through sensory exploration. The two mystery bags feature several objects inside with multiple hidden pockets for even more discovery. The contents of each bag vary and can include items such as fabric cutouts, small wooden blocks, pebbles, shells and more. With these puzzle bags, students can engage with their environment in a fun, interactive way to stimulate their problem-solving skills and develop their cognitive capabilities.



Libo’s Mystery Bag – Set of 2 is a thrilling, Montessori-inspired educational tool designed to help children develop their sense of exploration and sensory learning. It features two vivid mystery bags made from high-quality, child-safe materials with a fine finish. Perfect for developing imagination and problem solving skills, each mystery bag in this set contains 10 – 15 surprise items that will captivate your little one for hours on end! It is an excellent teaching tool for early years practitioners, especially those using the Montessori approach. From colorful beads, to wooden puzzles and vibrant animal figures — the possibilities are endless! And, at Libo we ensure that every product goes through rigorous quality checks to ensure maximum safety for your little ones.


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