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Mystery Bag – Stereognostic Shapes

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Mystery Bag – Stereognostic Shapes by Libo is an educational Montessori Sensorial Material that helps children to develop their fine motor skills, logical thinking and memory. The product comes with a drawstring bag filled with 12 different shapes, made from quality wood and dyed in vibrant colors. It also includes detailed cards that explain the different shapes, encouraging children to identify and match the shape of each item with its name or card. With Mystery Bag – Stereognostic Shapes, children can have hours of fun discovering new shapes and improving their skills.



Mystery Bag – Stereognostic Shapes by Libo is an amazing set of high-quality Montessori materials designed to aid in the development of children’s sensory discrimination and fine motor skills. Perfect for any age from 6 months, this set includes 8 shapes made from child-safe materials with a smooth finish. The shapes are not completely colored, so children must feel and inspect the shape before figuring out what it is. This encourages cognitive development as children use their senses to identify the pieces and distinguish them from each other.

This set is perfect for introducing a fun new element to your Montessori teaching practice! It helps develop eye-hand coordination, problem solving skills and stimulates creative thinking in children. Plus, it encourages spatial recognition abilities which play an important role in learning maths and science later on in life! Each piece also comes with detailed descriptions on how to introduce them correctly according to Montessori philosophy — further boosting the effectiveness of this Mystery Bag!


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