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Nine unit bead tray

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Libo Nine Unit Bead Tray is an excellent Mathematical material designed to help children learn and practice Number and Operations with ease. Featuring nine individual trays, this Montessori material allows for extensive practice of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division operations. The Nine Unit Bead Tray comes with 244 colorful plastic beads in four colors (red, yellow, blue and green) for a total of 996 beads. This material also includes a simple instruction guide containing examples to help guide students in understanding the use of the material. The Libo Nine Unit Bead Tray offers an engaging and entertaining way to teach essential mathematical concepts!



The Nine Unit Bead Tray by Libo is an essential Mathematics Montessori Material, perfect for teaching your little one the basics of counting and numbers. This educational aid was crafted out of child-safe materials, ensuring it will last through many learning activities. The tray itself features a fine finish that is both pleasant to touch and look at, and its bright colors are sure to add a bit of charm and life to any learning environment.

This Nine Unit Bead Tray also comes equipped with nine cubes that can hold up to nine beads each, allowing children to explore and learn how different quantities relate to one another. It also comes with two different types of ‘sorting strips’, allowing kids the opportunity to hone in on their motor skills by accurately sorting wooden or plastic beads into groups according to their size or colour. With such a high level of quality and detail, this product is sure to be the perfect tool for introducing Montessori Mathematics into your child’s life.


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