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Number Cards – Large 1-9000 Laminated

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The Libo Number Cards – Large 1-9000 Laminated is a great Montessori material for teaching mathematical concepts. The set consists of 9 large cards, each card containing a numerical value from 1 to 9000. The numbers are printed in bold and easy-to-read font and are laminated for long lasting use. These cards are an ideal way to teach counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills in an interactive and visual manner. They are perfect for stimulating the minds of both children and adults alike, making it an excellent Montessori learning material.



This is Libo’s Number Cards – Large 1-9000 Laminated, an educational and child-friendly mathematical Montessori material. It includes number cards with each numbered from 1 to 9000, which are all made with a smooth laminate surface that is safe for young learners. The laminated card ensures a high quality product with a fine finish. This set of Number Cards – Large 1-9000 Laminated is ideal for helping pre-school and elementary age children to develop essential skills useful in mathematics including counting, addition, subtraction and more. Besides being used in Montessori teaching aids, these number cards can also be used by teachers and homeschooling parents to create engaging learning activities for their students or kids. With the large range of numbers included (1 to 9000), this durable set provides an immersive learning experience that can help enhance your child’s math capabilities exponentially.


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