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Number Cards – Small 1-3000 Laminated

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The Number Cards – Small 1-3000 Laminated is a mathematical Materssori Material from the Libo brand. This set of cards features small, laminated numbers ranging from 1 to 3000. It helps children learn number recognition and counting as they explore addition and subtraction, as well as other mathematical concepts. The easy-to-understand visuals make it easier for children to practice math with greater understanding and engagement which can help foster their overall understanding of the subject.



These Number Cards – Small 1-3000 Laminated are the perfect Montessori Teaching Aids for any educational environment. Made from high quality and child safe materials, these cards have a fine finish that is sure to last. With numbers ranging from 1 – 3000, this set of number cards by Libo provides a useful educational tool for both teachers and students alike.

Ideal for counting, number recognition and addition/subtraction activities, the cards are a great way to introduce mathematics in an engaging and interactive manner. The cards also have self adhesive backs which makes them easy to stick onto walls or boards for convenient display use. With its proffesional look, these number cards make learning math fun!


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