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Number Cards – Small 1-9000 Laminated

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Libo’s Number Cards – Small 1-9000 Laminated are a great tool to help children learn and practice their mathematics skills. The set includes nine thousand laminated cards numbered one to nine thousand, perfect for Montessori materials. These cards are perfect for ordering, sorting, counting, and comparing numbers. The set can also be used to teach place value through individual numbers or groups of numbers. With this tool, children can explore patterns in math such as addition and subtraction rules. The sturdy cards are also a great resource for introducing number concepts such as tens and hundreds.



The Number Cards Small 1-9000 Laminated by Libo are essential Montessori teaching aids. These cards have been specially designed using child safe materials and feature a high-quality coating that is sure to stand up to the wear and tear of the classroom. With a fine finish, each card has large number information easily legible for children to learn simple counting, ordering, and arithmetic skills. Furthermore, this product is perfect for large group settings because it comes with 9000 cards that can be used for group activities or individual study.

Because these cards are laminated, they will retain their original shape and look even after years of regular use. The bright colours also make them very visually appealing which makes them great for use by children who may be more attracted to items with an interesting design or colour palette. Plus, their lightweight nature and small size makes them extremely portable to bring along on field trips or excursions outside of the classroom setting academic enhancement even while travelling!


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