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Pink Tower Stool

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The Pink Tower Stool from Libo is an excellent Montessori material for sensorial learning. This sturdy, height adjustable stool features a solid construction made of eco-friendly bamboo wood, with clean lines and a beautiful pink finish. The Pink Tower Stool encourages gross motor development, balance and control while aiding in the formation of the child’s independence and self-awareness. It also helps to promote hand-eye coordination by providing children with a steady surface to work on activities such as puzzles or cutting objects. With its versatile design, this stool can be used both indoors and out to complete activities like drawing or coloring books.



The Libo Pink Tower Stool is a remarkable sensorial Montessori material that is designed to help children safely explore their environment. It is a sturdy, high quality wooden chair made with child safe materials and fine finish for extra safety. It meets all the standards for Montessori teaching aids and has been designed to bring out the creative side in children through stimulating learning activities.

Designed to reach up to 3 feet tall, the Libo Pink Tower Stool encourages toddlers to climb and explore their environment in safety. Its bright pink color adds an aesthetically pleasing element while helping them learn about height and size relationships in addition to demonstrating care of self, others and the environment through practical life activities such as cleaning up after themselves. The Libo Pink Tower Stool helps make learning fun while also developing strength, balance and coordination skills in young learners as they develop their cognitive capabilities.


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