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Read Rods Stool

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Libo Read Rods Stool is a Montessori Sensorial material that allows children to learn how to recognize and manipulate colors, shapes, and numbers. It comes with colored wooden rods that can be placed in the slots in the stool’s four legs. The rods are smooth on one end and ridged on the other, allowing children to practice counting, sorting by color, developing fine motor skills and learning about spatial relations. It develops children’s perceptual abilities as well as their creative thinking skills. The lightweight design makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor play. With its vibrant colors and fun activities, the Libo Read Rods Stool will provide hours of educational entertainment for your child!



The Libo Read Rods Stool is a great addition to any Montessori classroom. This kid-safe stool is made of high quality materials, designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily use in an educational environment. It features a fine finish that won’t splinter or harm small fingers, ensuring it’s safe for kids to handle. The stool has been developed with the Montessori teaching aids in mind, allowing children to easily sit comfortably while reading or engaging in other activities requiring additional height and support.

The Libo Read Rods Stool is designed for long-term use thanks to its durable construction and high quality materials. The feet are made from strong plastics that won’t mark floors and can be adjusted as needed; the seat features thick cushioning that provides comfortable seating without sacrificing safety; while the backrest is made with soft padding for added comfort. This includes careful attention to detail, ensuring that all surfaces are smooth and free of any sharp edges. Combined with its lightweight design, this stool makes an ideal learning companion for children of all ages!


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