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Reading Analysis – First Chart Set

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Libo Reading Analysis – First Chart Set is an innovative language-teaching tool that follows the Montessori approach. This set includes 18 double-sided recognition and assessment charts, each featuring a combination of letters, words and pictures. The set also includes a detailed teachers guide to help make evaluations of reading progress easier and more accurate. With its hands-on activities, visual learning aids and built-in accountability system, this product helps students create meaningful connections with the world of reading while gaining confidence in their skills.



Libo’s Reading Analysis – First Chart Set is an invaluable aid for teachers looking to help their students develop language skills. Perfect for use in Montessori environments, this set of charts and materials includes all the essentials to get kids of any age reading and understanding concepts. It’s made with only the highest quality materials so that you know your kids are safe when they use it. Its fine finish also ensures that its durability will go beyond a regular one.

This set includes a range of charts that focus on different aspects of reading analysis from phonics to sight word recognition and from context recognition to making meaning out of text. Thanks to its contents, children can easily develop their language comprehension abilities quickly and effectively. With Libo’s Reading Analysis – First Chart Set, teachers can save time and help make learning fun for their students!


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