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Right Hand Puzzle

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Libo’s Right Hand Puzzle is an educational toy that helps infants and toddlers develop fine motor skills. This wooden puzzle consists of a bright, colorful manipulative base and nine individually shaped pieces. When children use the pieces to complete the hand-shaped puzzle, they gain valuable problem solving and recognition skills. The puzzle is designed for children aged 18 months or older to enjoy playing with independently or together with their parents or caregivers. With its durable construction and ample play potential, Libo’s Right Hand Puzzle will help your little one develop hand-eye coordination and understanding of shapes, as well as enhance their creativity and imagination.



The Right Hand Puzzle by Libo is an excellent Montessori teaching aid created with infants and toddlers in mind. It has been crafted with the highest quality, child-safe materials to ensure complete safety during playtime and to last through years of learning. Libo’s fine finish gives this puzzle a realistic look that helps teach shapes, colors and basic hand-eye coordination in a fun, engaging way.

The Right Hand Puzzle is ideal for nurturing development during the critical early stages of life for infants and toddlers. This simple yet sophisticated toy encourages them to explore their environment by developing problem-solving and motor skills all while having fun! Designed specifically for children up to three years old, the durable construction ensures it won’t fall apart easily while they are playing. Libo’s Right Hand Puzzle is sure to be a welcome addition to any playroom or classroom that prioritizes the Montessori approach.


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