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Sandpaper Tamil Letters

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Libo’s Sandpaper Tamil Letters are an excellent way to practice language development in the Montessori classroom. This set is designed to help toddler and pre-schoolers learn both the Tamil alphabet and letter sounds through an engaging, tactile experience. The sandpaper letters are made from smooth, durable material, making them perfect for repetitive tracing with a finger. This set includes 58 total pieces that contain all 26 Tamil letters as well as markers for vowels and consonants. Libo’s Sandpaper Tamil Letters bring a fun and interactive way of learning essential language skills!

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Libo Sandpaper Tamil Letters are an excellent Montessori teaching aid for young children who are starting to learn to read and write Tamil. These child-safe meterials are made from high quality materials and have a fine smooth finish for children to easily trace over letters with their fingertips. They provide a fun, tactile sensory experience that children can benefit from in a classroom setting or at home. Libo Sandpaper Tamil Letters come with pre-cut letters, numbers, and symbols that make recognizing different letter shapes easy and enjoyable, while teaching children fundamental literacy skills. With their sturdy design and careful attention to detail, these language teaching aids will last through years of use while helping kids learn the basics of the Tamil language.


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