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Second Box of Colour Tablets

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The Libo Second Box of Colour Tablets is a perfect addition to the Montessori sensorial materials. This set includes several colour tablets that can be sorted and identified according to hue, value, and saturation. With vibrant colours and an non-toxic coating, this set can help young students explore their senses while learning the fundamentals of visual perception. The tablets are presented in a wooden box with lid for easy storage and transport. The Libo Second Box of Colour Tablets is an essential part of any Montessori education!



The Libo Second Box of Colour Tablets provides a safe and durable sensorial material for the classroom. Formulated for Montessori teaching aids, it is child-safe and lightweight with each tablet measuring 2cm thick, 5cm wide and 8cm long. These tablets are made from non-toxic materials that have been carefully crafted with a fine finish to ensure high quality. In addition, the tablets have multiple variations in color which helps children learn more about the properties of different colors. The box includes twenty four tablets that can be used for sorting activities as well as encourage comparison of various features such as smoothness, weight, size and shapes. This will be a great addition to any Montessori-based classroom or home setting.


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