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Shapes Matching Board

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The Libo Shapes Matching Board is an ideal Montessori material for Infant and Toddler development. It combines traditional Montessori teaching methods with modern learning techniques to help your little one explore and learn basic shapes through color recognition, shape sorting and matching. The product features brightly-colored pieces of different shapes that can be moved and placed to complete simple puzzles or create fun patterns. With a durable construction, this board encourages problem solving skills, fine motor skills and stimulates the imagination. It is a fun way for children to discover their creativity as they develop an early understanding of size and shape relationships.



This Shapes Matching Board from Libo is an excellent Montessori teaching aid for infants and toddlers. It’s made from high-quality, child-safe materials and has a fine finish that will last through years of play. With bright colors and distinct shapes, children can learn their patterns and shapes while having fun. The board also comes with 4 colorful shape blocks made from wood, allowing children to match the shape on the board with the shape on the blocks.

The Montessori Teaching Aids’ Shapes Matching Board helps to promote visual perception skills in toddlers, as well as hand-eye coordination and early learning of colours, shapes and sizes. It also encourages problem solving skills such as independent exploration or matching tasks that can help kids understand how shapes go together or how they fit into one another. The learning possibilities are endless!


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