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Sinhala Moveable Alphabet

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The Libo Sinhala Moveable Alphabet is an essential language resource for students of Sinhala. This product has 36 pieces of magnetic letters that can be arranged on a metal board to form words and phrases. It is specifically designed to help children learn the basics of the Sinhala alphabet in a hands-on way by allowing them to experiment with spelling and letter arrangement. It can also be used as a fun activity for groups or individuals, giving children the freedom to explore a new language in their own time. The product is Montessori-approved, meaning it meets educational standards and is age-appropriate for ages 3+.



The Sinhala Moveable Alphabet by Libo is the perfect tool to help children learn the basics of the Sinhala language. This multi-sensory activity supports language development and increases comprehension of letter formation and phonetics in an age-appropriate way. The set includes 26 pieces of wood, each one with a Sanskrit letter printed on it, plus two blank pieces so that children can be creative with their learning.

The high quality materials used in this product make it ideal for Montessori teaching aids. Each piece is cut from real wood, sanded smooth and finished with a child safe varnish to create a safe yet durable surface for your child’s sensorial experience. They are lightweight enough for children to manipulate easily and designed for durability so they will last for many years of enjoyment. The fine finish ensures that each piece fits together perfectly, creating an inviting learning experience every time your child engages with this great educational aid.


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