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Small Numeric Rods

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The Libo Small Numeric Rods is a must-have mathematical material for any Montessori classroom. This comprehensive set includes 10 coloured rods, each one representing a different number. The unique shape and colour of the rods enable children to easily recognize the numbers by sight. Made from premium quality materials, these durable rods are designed for hands-on learning and can be used for various activities such as counting, addition, subtraction and more! With this educational tool kit, your child can acquire core numeracy skills in an enjoyable manner.



The Libo Small Numeric Rods are the perfect educational tool to help children understand numbers and counting. These high-quality, child-safe Montessori teaching aids are made from an ultra-durable plastic material and have a fine finish for long lasting use. The set includes 10 colorful rods ranging from 1 to 10, and each rod is marked with an Arabic numeral on one side and the corresponding number of dashes on the other side. With their bright colors, easy-to-grip handles, and precise measurements, Libo’s Small Numeric Rods are ideal for helping young minds develop mathematical aptitude.

These Montessori materials encourage hands-on learning by allowing kids to manipulate physical objects to develop a better connection with numbers. With the help of these visual aids, children can quickly grasp basic mathematical concepts such as counting, addition, subtraction and more. The tactile experience also allows them to visualize equations in a new way, developing further numerical understanding that can be used in everyday life.


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