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Small Tower Rack

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The Small Tower Rack from Libo is a must-have piece of furniture for any Montessori classroom. Its lightweight and versatile design makes it a great addition to the classroom, offering ample storage space to house all your Montessori materials. The tower rack is composed of four drawers on the top shelf and one taller drawer in the bottom part, making it ideal for storing toys, arts & crafts supplies, books and much more. It has a smooth finish that will blend in with any existing decor while maintaining its durability over time. This stylish piece of furniture provides an efficient way to store and organize all your teaching materials in one place.



The Libo Small Tower Rack is an essential piece of Montessori furniture. Crafted with child safe materials, the Small Tower Rack provides maximum protection and comfort for children of all ages. The construction of the rack is designed with ultimate safety in mind, and features a sturdy frame and solid base for added stability. The fine finish ensures that the Small Tower Rack fits seamlessly into any Montessori classroom or home environment.

The Libo Small Tower Rack is made from high quality materials to guarantee long lasting durability. The convenient design allows easy access to all items inside, making it simple for young children to organize their materials and belongings. With its modern style, this rack adds visual appeal to any room, making it perfect for classrooms filled with Montessori materials. Safe, stylish and durable – the Libo Small Tower Rack makes a great addition to any child’s learning space!


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